Swirly Paper Flowers


These gorgeous curly flowers are deceptively simple to make. Just a few pieces of colored paper, either custom colored flowers that you make or paper that you've found such as construction paper. With a few cuts, a few twists and curls, you can make these beautiful flowers for a spring bouquet, or even for a valentines bouquet in themes of red, white, and pink.

We found this awesome project at instructables and cannot wait to try it out. This would also be an amazing project for kids, as it is quite simple and takes only a little bit of patience to make.

If you are making your own paper, why not try a gradient? Even a subtle one would be gorgeous, starting with the lightest color on the top and deepening in color further towards the base of the flower.

As always we would love to see what you create. Leave us a comment!

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Swirly Paper Flowers Source: www.instructables.com Swirly Paper Flowers