Starlit Reverse French Tip nails


Reverse french tips are all the rage now days as nail art is gaining more and more attention. These simple nails are elegant but are also eye catching. All you will need is silver nail polish, black nail polish, hole reinforcement found in the office supply are of your local store, and an optional top coat. Other things you may want to have include a base coat, nail file, nail polish remover, cotton balls, and whatever else you use in your manicure routine.

First start with your normal manicure routine for tidying up your nails. For example, I usually wash my hands, shape my nails, then use nail polish remover to ensure all the oils are off the nails.

Then use a base coat if you use one. I tend to use one that strengthens and nourishes.

Apply two layers of the silver polish, or until it is the right color to you. Some may want to make their silver polish sheer, while others may want it to be solid and thick.

IMPORTANT! Wait until the nails dry completely before this next step.

Place the hole reinforcement circles on your nails so a half circle is covered on each nail.

Paint over your nail to the circle in black. A little overlap is fine. Wait until the polish dries, then remove the circles.

Add a top coat and voila, fast, easy, and elegant nails!

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Starlit Reverse French Tip nails Starlit Reverse French Tip nails