Stuffed Animal Bandaids


Many of my daughter's animals have gotten bandaids over the years. Most of the bandaids have gotten stuck, not wanting to come off of a plastic doll, or a plush dragon as easily as off of toddler skin. But she still insists on using bandaids on them. I wish I had thought of this neat little trick earlier! Would have saved me hours of picking bandaids off of her animals.

All you need for this trick is white felt, tan felt, and a little bit of velcro. You also need a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine, or at least be capable of hand sewing.

Find the whole tutorial over at pink and green mama, where she also makes toilet paper for her darling daughter.

Suggestion for the toddler in your life: Christmas is just around the corner, so why don't you make a collection of these for their stuffed animals. Place them in an empty bandaid tin and wrap it up. What better Christmas present for both child and parent (no more picking bandaid gunk off of stuffed animals).

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