Ribbon Wove Bangles


This cute bangle is fast and easy to make. All it needs is a bit of ribbon and a stack of inexpensive metal bangles. The amount of bangles depends on how thick you want your bracelet to be.

Weave your ribbon back and forth through your bangles in a zig-zag pattern all the way around the bracelet, coming together to tie at the end.

Some ideas:
- alternate a second thinner ribbons around the bracelet, starting at the bottom where the first ribbon is at the top.
-play with colors and bangle finish.
-use different tones of bangle or textures to give more interest.
-Give these to your bridesmaids in your wedding colors.
-Great presents to the girls and women in your life who are hard to shop for. All you need is a favorite color.

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Ribbon Wove Bangles Ribbon Wove Bangles