Realistic Leaf Roses


If you love autumn as much as I love autumn this beautiful autumn themed roses are something you must try. They will brighten your home, giving it a beautiful autumn glow, and leave your guests wondering where you got such unique flowers.

Collect a bunch of fresh fallen leaves. The more colors you find the better for this craft as the rich reds, oranges, yellows, and even greens all blend into a beautiful ombre when combined together.

Note: These leaves need to be fresh! If they are crunchy they will not fold and roll properly.

You also need scissors, floral tape, and sticks for stem.

With the colorful side of the leaf facing away from you, fold down the edges to create a petal, roll it up then fold the next leaf, rolling it as well. Continue until you have a full flower.

Then holding all the stems together, and using a stick as a stem, wrap floral tape around the whole thing, slowly moving downward.

For more flavor, leave a couple of the flowers with one leaf unfolded on the edge.

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Realistic Leaf Roses Realistic Leaf Roses