Quick Simple Bow Hairstyle


This fast and easy hair style takes the oversize bow fashion to a whole new level. It only takes a few moments to create this adorable hairstyle.

1. Start with a high ponytail. Slick your hair back and up, pinning down any stray pieces.

2. Create a loose bun by pulling your hair through the hair band with a loose tail lying forward towards your face.

3. Separate the bun into two roughly even sections.

4. Take your tail and wrap it between your two even sections.

5. Pin it in place, fluff your bow, and you are good to go.

Some other suggestions for this is to braid the tail before wrapping it around to create the center of the bow. This may be especially useful to anyone with significantly longer hair. If your hair is significantly textured you may want to take a flat iron to it before hand so your bow isn't too textured.

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Quick Simple Bow Hairstyle Quick Simple Bow Hairstyle