Quick Easy Lace Doily Bowl


These bowls are so fast and easy to make that you will have lace doily bowls all over your house and your friends will too.

All you need are doilies, bowls or other glass objects that could be bowl shaped, and fabric stiffener.

Be creative. Use different bowl shapes, doily sizes, colors, etc.

Place the bowl or bowl shaped object upside down on a paper plate. Arrange the doily using a brush to apply a generous amount of fabric stiffener to the doily. Make sure to coat the whole doily and mold it to the cup as you see fit. Some run off onto your paper plate is normal, that is what it is there for.

Follow the directions for the amount of time to let set. Test a small section first before trying to peel the whole thing off. It's easier to fix a small section than the whole half dry mess.

Peel the bowl off and you are done. You have a fun doily bowl to hold your nick nacks in.

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