Make Your Own Marble Maze


This fast easy marble maze will keep yourself, your friends, or your kids busy for hours and it is so simple to make.

All you need is a wooden serving tray, some small dowels, paint, wood glue, marbles, and a way to cut the dowels to create hours of fun.

First figure out how you want to arrange your maze. Cut the dowels in different spots along the dowel to create a challenge.

Then paint the dowels your chosen color.

Once your dowels are dry, glue them to the tray, both at the end against the tray and along the side of the dowel facing the tray. Make sure they are secure.

Add your marbles and you are done.

This makes for a fast birthday or Christmas present. Paint the tray too for more color customization.

For kids paint the tray their favorite colors, or rainbow the dowels so they learn the colors of the rainbow. For Christmas variations of red, green, white, silver, and gold would be fun. Can you imagine the tray in a deep rich red with gold dowels and marbles?

Whatever you decide, let your imagination reign.

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