Fabulous Porcelain Drawer Knobs


Using sharpies almost always creates overlap and veining right? But what happens when you use that to your advantage on white porcelain knobs? Things more amazing than you would ever believe!

We found these gorgeous porcelain drawer knobs over at Teal and Lime and love how the author created the effect of a gemstone with the natural drawback of sharpie markers. Instead of cursing it's limits, she took the marker above and beyond.

I feel like a deep green would look amazing when paired with brown cabinets or drawers. If you like rubies, why not try a deep red sharpie? I feel as if any gem tone would be perfect with white porcelain knobs. Try them all. Just remember, they will streak, overlap and vein. That's the point. Embrace that flaw and work with it to your advantage.

Have you tried this method of coloring porcelain? Share your photos below.

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Fabulous Porcelain Drawer Knobs Source: www.tealandlime.com Fabulous Porcelain Drawer Knobs