Little Fishtails Hairstyle


This hairstyle is a new take on the fishtail hairstyle and is perfect for the fast in a hurry style.

-First gather your hair into a low ponytail or two low pigtails.
-Separate the gathered hair into two equal sections.
-Pull a small section from the outside left bringing it to inside right followed by a small section from the outside right bringing it to the inside left.
-Repeat 3 more times.
-Tie the braid off
-Repeat from separating the gathered hair until you get to the bottom of your hair.
-(optional) separate the hair before the first hair tie, loop the end of your braid through it and back, pulling down.
-Pull each section of braid lightly to give it more dimension and texture.

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Little Fishtails Hairstyle Little Fishtails Hairstyle