Leather Wrapped Bangle


For this awesome wrapped bracelet idea (similar to our ribbon woven bangle) all you will need is a stack of metal bangles and a large amount of narrow leather cord. You can play around with colors if you want, or stick with the basics.

First decide how you want to separate your bangles. The image shows two bangles per section for weaving but you can decide to do one, three, the choice is yours. Each choice will change the look of your bracelet and make it unique to you.

Then weave your leather back and forth around your bracelets, keeping the weave nice and tight against itself. When you get to the end, take a crimp and crimp the two ends together with pliers to seal it.

Suggestion: Use black leather lace and rainbow bangles to create a bright and fun bracelet or try silver and black to create a classic look.

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Leather Wrapped Bangle Leather Wrapped Bangle