Kids Art Supply Cubbies


These wall cubbies made out of just meat packages is a brilliant way to decorate any classroom. You can even have your students help you make them and use paints to color them after they dry. You could have the specific sized meat pan be a school supply ever child brings in and request that parents save you a couple extra throughout the year. Almost everyone gets them occasionally.

For each cubby you will 1.5 meat containers of the same size. You will also need glue, strips of news paper and strips of brown paper. First cover each piece of styrofoam with newspaper. Then put them together and cover them all with brown paper. Finally decorate.

After your children have decorated if you are a teacher, you can then put the letters on your cubbies and hang them up. Your children will proudly point to their craft cubby.

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Kids Art Supply Cubbies Kids Art Supply Cubbies