Fantastic Organizing for Fashionistas


If your jewelry is always all over the place, or you have multiple pairs of flip flops this post from Curbly is great from you. If the pitter patter of little feet is followed by requests to read a book, this post is also great for you. Melanie has found and put together the perfect organizing tips for fashionistas and moms everywhere.

Our favorite tip is using spice racks to create a book space on the wall. In our house it would be useful to have at least one rack in the bathroom. It would remove the table we have at the moment to hold books, and give us more space in our bathroom.

The next best tip though is the idea to add some hooks to a wooden drawer organizer for utensils to make it into an amazing jewelry organizer. It's very visual, you can find what you want easily for whatever outfit you have. Use one, use two, or create a wall of jewelry.

We also like the idea one of Melanie's readers suggested- one in, one out. Set a limit to the amount of jewelry you have by getting rid of old jewelry to put new jewelry into your organizer.

Check out these awesome ideas and more over at Curbly, and if you have tips to share with us, feel free to leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you.

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