Cute Home Is Artwork


Most of us love our home towns. I still remember the city I grew up with and a part of me wishes I've never left. Whether your heart is still in your hometown, or your heart is in your current city, this cute little craft is perfect for the sprinkle loving (or color loving) kid in all of us.

What you'll need:
-Paper in your choice of colors
-Contrasting Gel Pen, bold line
-Cut out outline of your state

Create a bold outline of your state, going over it a few times until your are happy with the thickness. Place a heart in the location of the city of your choice. Use a hot glue gun to outline your heart, filling it in enough that sprinkles would stick. Add sprinkles, place in frame.

I love the white on a solid color of this project, but as with most projects, this is just a spring board. Substitute sprinkles with glitter, change the color of the pen, use a pattern instead of a solid, mix up the quote however you want.

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