Fast Ribbon Mobius Bracelet


This fast, easy ribbon bracelet is just like the lanyard key chains you used to make as a kid in camp.

Starting with 4 interwoven ribbons, fold the ribbons down in a counter clockwise manor until you get to the fourth one, which you fold over the first ribbon but under the second.

Repeat until your bracelet is to the length you desire.

Twist the bracelet once for a mobius twist, or keep it flat for a chunky square bracelet without any twist.

Sew the two ends together. I would suggest possibly adding a bit of craft glue, especially after you cut the edges of the ribbons to protect the edges from fraying.

Try a variety of colors and/or patterns for fun variations on the same basic bracelet. This fast easy bracelet would be a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, or anytime.

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Fast Ribbon Mobius Bracelet Fast Ribbon Mobius Bracelet