Fast Easy Frog Art


How cute are these little frog nails. It's fast, easy, and so adorable everyone will want to know how you did it. As far as nail polish goes you'll need a light green, a dark green, a black, a pink, and a white. You'll also need one double sided dotter tool, and a detail brush. We also suggest a base coat, clear top coat, and q-tips.

1. Make sure you have clean, dry nails. If you are using a base coat, make sure it is applied, and dried.
2. Two layers of the light green for a base.
3. Paint a half circle on the tip of your nail. This will be the head.
4. Two dots above using either your detail brush, or a q-tip.
5. Two dots for the eyes in black, using the large dotter.
6. Two white dots using the small dotter inside the black dots.
7. Dot those nostrils.
8. Use a q-tip or your normal brush for rosy pink cheeks.

Apply a base coat for durability.

Paint reusable fake nails, they will last longer and you can change them out when you want.
Experiment with colors. An orange bull frog, a dark night, a blue and white marbled base.

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Fast Easy Frog Art Fast Easy Frog Art