Fashion Forward Zipper Bracelet


This one requires a bit of skill to make it look absolutely flawless, however if you aren't awesome at jewelry making, a bit of crafting glue for metals and you're good to go.

You'll need a short zipper, a 7" zipper should work for most wrists, a jewelry clasp in the same metal tone as the zipper, as well as any other charms you may want to attach as per the upper picture.

Cut the excess cloth around the zipper so that it's close to the teeth on each edge. Cut as close as you can with a pair of scissors. If you plan on attaching any charms to the bracelet, have another small o-ring handy, otherwise you only need the one that comes with the clasp.

If you are going to use a charm (or two) open the o-ring attached to the clasp and attach the first charm and the second if you choose. Then attach the second o-ring before gluing it to the base of the zipper (away from the pull).

If you aren't using any charms glue the original o-ring to the zipper.

For a more personal bracelet there are a variety of colors to choose from in zippers and a number of charms to choose as well. Make two to give to a best friend, or make a plain one for your significant other to match yours.

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Fashion Forward Zipper Bracelet Fashion Forward Zipper Bracelet