Circular Fire Pit


This one is for all you land owners out there who are looking for a fun and permanent fire pit as opposed to the iron ones that you can buy and install. Keep in mind that a standard pain and hassle free fire pit is less expensive than this particular project. This project however adds a bit of character to your yard that a store bought fire pit may lack. There are safety arguments both for and against this type of fire pit. It is not covered, so that could cause issues with burn bans while a covered pit is usually acceptable.

Once you weigh your options, if you opt for this fun circular pit instead of the store bought pit why don't you pop over to Designed for Outdoors where they have step by step instructions, plus a video guide.

So what are you waiting for? If this pit seems like the one for you, go for it! Just double check to make sure it's legal before doing it.

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