Easy Nature Art


For this simple art project, you will need some interesting branches. You want them to look unique, but don't try too hard. Any silhouette that catches your eye will work. You will need the number of canvases you want to use to decorate, the paint of a base color or colors, a top paint color (like the metallic gold in the example), a large paint brush, and a can of hairspray.

First paint the canvas your base color. Then use the hairspray to affix the branch to your piece. Spray paint over the canvas with the second color, aim for a full coverage but do not over saturate the canvas. You want your lines to be as clean as possible. Peel off the branch and reveal the silhouette.

Some tips: Play with colors. The gold and bright works well as in our example, but try metallic as the base and a black or white as the coverage. Or try using a black as the back and a bright color as the coverage. It's yours to do with however you want. The more you make the color combinations your own the more unique your art will be.

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Easy Nature Art Easy Nature Art