Easy Lace or Ribbon Bows


These fast and easy bows show just how easy it is to make extravagant bows for your hair or to decorate. Apply these to a clip, comb, or headband for super cute hair, or attach them to a box, purse, or whatever else you can think of for a custom look to practically anything.

For the first bow:
-Fold other a length of very wide ribbon so you create a square tube, with your two cut edges overlapping each other slightly.
-Gather the center between the two lace edges with some string or thin rope. It doesn't need to be fancy, but it should be secure.
-Using narrow ribbon of a matching color, create two bow shapes, one slightly larger than the other. A touch of hot glue can help them stay in shape but is not necessary.
-Attach the two narrow bows to the bit lacy bow with another small portion of ribbon wrapped around all three. Use hot glue at the back of the bow to hold the ribbon in place.
-Attach a small pearl button to the front for a finishing touch of personality and a classic look.

For the second bow:
-Start the same as the first, only use a slightly narrow contrasting lace print (preferably one that allows you to see the layer beneath. Fold them so that it's a square flattened tube with one edge slightly overlapping the other.
-Pull tight with a bit or string or rope to create your bow shape. Wrap with a solid bit of ribbon or fabric, overlapping slightly to give that knotted effect.
-Use hot glue to hold in place.

Use these two templates as a starting place to make your own interesting or unique bows. Your friends will wonder where you got such awesome hair accessories.

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Easy Lace or Ribbon Bows Easy Lace or Ribbon Bows