Easy Clay Rose Beads


These simple easy roses can be used for a number of things. All you need is clay, a little bit of imagination, and a small metal needle or other item to poke the hole through the base of the rose.

Start with a flat circle, and roll it up to form the center of the rose, then use more flattened circles to shape the petals around the first one.

As you go, point and shape each petal to give them a little bit of personality. Keep adding until it looks like a full rose, usually 6-8 petals. Don't worry if they don't necessarily look perfect to you- usually you are going to be your own worst critic. Also keep in mind that the fingerprints on the petals give them a more organic texture.

When your rose looks full, cut off the excess stem, round the base and punch a hole through it to create the bead. Then you are done. Finish off the clay however it's packaging states to, bake it, let it sit out over night, etc.

From there you can create fabulous jewelry. You can make the easy earrings provided or a bracelet, necklace, or instead of making them beads you could make them studded earrings. Your ability to make amazing jewelry with your roses is your own imagination.

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Easy Clay Rose Beads Easy Clay Rose Beads