Domino Clock


This fast and easy clock can be made with any circular surface (or a square or rectangle for that matter). It's quick, it's creative, and no one needs to know that you made it yourself.

You will need a clock piece, a ruler, glue, a surface to glue your dominoes to, dominoes from 1 to 12, a pencil, dry erase marker, or any other form of marking your locations on your clock, and most likely a protractor will be useful too.

Start by determining where you want noon to be. From their draw a straight line down to where six will be. Use your ruler to check the top and bottom portions of your line are evenly spaced out on the clock. Use your protractor to make marks at the 90 degree mark, the 30, the 60, the 120 and the 150 degree marks on each side of the line, then draw new lines to connect the dots.

Now that you have your hours marked it's time to drill a hole in the center, where all your lovely lines connect. Make sure the hole is big enough for the clock to fit, but not too big. Install the clock, glue your pieces to your clock and either mount it to your wall, or proudly display it on a counter. People will ask you where you got your wonderful new clock.

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Domino Clock Domino Clock