Word/Name Bracelet


Over at Born in '82 we found this amazing tutorial on name/word bracelets. They run you a pretty penny to buy a customized bracelet or necklace, or you could make your own for a few dollars. It's fast, easy, and highly personalized to you!

You'll need a pen and paper, some gold or silver wire, a chain in the matching (or contrasting) finish, clasps, and a set of needle nosed pliers.

Write your name (or chosen word) in a way that pleases you and is interconnected. For bracelets write your name smaller, if you are making a necklace you might want to write it bigger.

Use your pliers and hands to form the letters from your wire, go slow, and make sure you like what it looks. It may take some time to get results you enjoy at first, be patient. The more of these you make, the easier it becomes.

Use the pliers to open a link on your chain, wrap it around your word, and then close the link. Alternatively, create a small loop at the end to wrap around your chain. Cut the chain to a length you want, and add your closure.

Tips: Try using alternative colors and contrast. Also try connecting multiple words together, for example family names, or phrases, favorite quotes.

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