Mason Jar Candle Holder


Over at we found these awesome little valentines/wedding candle holders. They are so simple and we love how elegant they look when all done. All you need is chalk board paint, painters tape, chalk, and twine to make this beautiful candle holders and they are just so versatile.

Even better, they come in a mini size as well! Use a baby food jar to create the cute little mini holder. And when you're through making tons of cute heart candle holders, try some of or neat ideas below.

This is just perfect for making all sorts of shapes with. Try stars or patterns, even small words. For Christmas a Christmas tree would be super cute, and you could cut out little ornaments from the tree. For Easter a stripey egg could be quite cute. You could also experiment with different colors and spray finishes besides the chalk board finish. have a candle holder made for every holiday and every mood you may be in.

This is really a limitless project. The heart is just the start of what you can do if you put your mind to it.

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