Tire Teeter Totter


Christmas is just around the corner, and what better gift for the little ones in your life than a bright red or blue teeter totter. And better yet is the price tag. The original project ran the author over at Barefoot in Paradise under $15.

For the basic wood and rope teeter totter all you would need is half a tire, apiece of scrap wood, rope, screws, bolts, and 4 L brackets. If you have a free tire it will run you less than $15. If you have spare parts around the cost of this project gets cheaper and cheaper.

The update to the original teeter totter shows how you can take it to the next level. Most teeter totters are a little hash on small bums, but if you add a bit of padding, following the suggestions in the followup you can easily make it more fun and less of a sore booty moment for your little ones.

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Tire Teeter Totter Source: barefootnparadise.blogspot.com Tire Teeter Totter