Aged Photo Tiles


We've already touched on Photo Tiles once, but this one deserves to be touched upon one more time, as these ones are really cool and have an antique feel to them that cannot be passed up.

Our last look at photo tiles had a polished and put together look to them, but these that we found at Du Buh Du Designs look aged and well used right out of the gate. Take those favorite pictures of yours and go to Kinkos (after making sure they use a toner color copier) to make them your new favorite coasters.

Follow the link below for instructions on these wonderful tiles, and remember to always chose to reverse or flip your image so that the transfer doesn't leave any writing or logo facing backwards.

Some suggestions: I know these make great coasters, but if you're thinking about redoing your kitchen or bathroom, maybe consider doing a border of tiles around your counter tops and/or tub and sprinkling a handful of family memories into the mix. Or make stepping stones for the garden out of four or more of your photos (or a pattern of plain and photo tiles put together).

Also don't forget you can take a photo editor and give your photos a touch of age by over exposing, sepia tone, or any other number of tricks before printing them and copying them for more antique atmosphere.

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