Converse/Chucks Nail Art Tutorial


Over at Nailed It NZ we found this awesome tutorial for Converse/Chucks nail art. We think it is fantastically cute, and I personally wish my nails were able to grow longer so that I could do this cute little nail job. Unfortunately my day job is awful for nail length and I don't have the time at the moment.

Usually if I don't have anything new to say about a tutorial I try to avoid commenting on it because I feel the author did it justice and I can't think of any new suggestions to add. While I feel Jessie did this with her tutorial, reading the blog made me feel awful about the theft of her original picture. We at Fab DIY take pride on giving credit where credit is due, and we like to let the original author shine in the spotlight. So this post is for Jessie, check out her nail art, she deserves all the fans she can have.

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Converse/Chucks Nail Art Tutorial Source: Converse/Chucks Nail Art Tutorial