DIY Photo Coasters for Cheap


Ceramic tiles are cheap, as are digital photo prints. But those two items plus felt or fleece scraps, Mod Podge, and an acrylic sealing spray make wonderful photo coasters that no one would suspect were so easy to make.

We found this wonderful tutorial over at The Frugal Girls, and just fell in love. For less than a dollar a coaster these tiles make for great gifts for family and friends. No one need know how easy this project was or how little you spent for each coaster. Finish the stack off with a bow for accent and you have great gifts.

Make sure to give yourself enough time to make these coasters. Between each layer of Mod Podge you need to allow several hours to allow for proper setting.

Start with the tiles, which can be found from any home improvement store for less than a dollar each. Find a paint that resembles the tile closely in color and paint the unfinished edges.

Cut your pictures to fit the tiles, and cover the back of each photo with Mod Podge using a sponge brush and place them on your tiles. Let dry completely.

Paint over the photo with a left to right stroke, and let dry completely again. Repeat twice so you have three layers of Mod Podge all together, taking the time to allow the coasters to dry completely between each coat.

Take the tiles outside and cover with acrylic sealant. This step is very important as it will be what makes your projects waterproof and able to withstand being a coaster.

Finally apply felt to the bottom of each square with a glue gun, and tie a ribbon around your stack.

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