Quick and Easy Photo Pendants


These photo pendants are cute and versatile. You can use them with a ribbon necklace, chain, or as part of a charm bracelet. You can use new photos in color, or old photos, or photos that have been made to appear aged.

We found this awesome idea over at Saving with Sarah and love it. You could pay $10 or more for a company to do this for you or you could spend a couple dollars to do this yourself.

What you will need is a blank pendant, old pictures, diamond glaze, and glass stones that fit the pendants easily.

Try using different finishes, chains, and photo styles for some fun looks instead of the antique feel. Up the contrast on brightly colored pictures and pair with a fun and colorful ribbon or bright charm bracelet, or use black and white photos with stark contrast and a black or silver chain or setting.

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Quick and Easy Photo Pendants Source: sarahsaving.blogspot.co.uk Quick and Easy Photo Pendants