DIY Photo Clipboards


We ladies spend pretty lot of our time in kitchen and so would love to put our favourite pictures there. Wouldn’t you? Also, we can put pictures of our favourite food items matching our lifestyle.  Today I am going to tell you how we can display those using clipboards. While I was working on renovating my kitchen, I found some left over items like wooden boards.

Photographs are the best way to remember the cherished moments for everybody. We would always want to see the best pictures that we have and also like to show it to our family and friends visiting our home. The best option available in market is photo frames, but most of these photo frames available in market today have very common design in everybody’s house. So what is the unique way of displaying the photographs? One of the best ways to display these photographs is through clipboards. Apart from being a good way, it is also economical to use clipboards. You can also display multiple pictures to create a panoramic view. Since I wanted to do makeover my kitchen, I decided to click some foodie photographs. Here’s I am with some red cherries, fresh pears, blackberries and cute little peas.

I always wanted my kitchen to look like an old art form, which is why I made the wooden boards look old by rubbing them with hand sander and also tried to put some stains on the board using cooking oil. Lastly, I used wax to seal it. After I finished taking beautiful snapshots of fruits, I got down to making clipboards for them. Onto the back of the boards I hammered a saw tooth hanger, and mapped where to fix the clips for holding the photo. You can either make holes for the clips or just glue to attach it. Once the glue gets dried up, just hang the boards in your pantry along with the photographs. And there you go! My kitchen wouldn’t have looked better before, it looks so colourful now. The best part of these photo clipboards is that you can always change their location according to your mood.

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