Wrapped High Ponytail


My little girl is finally becoming interested in having hair that makes her pretty. Now while we can argue that she's pretty no matter how her hair looks, finding Cute Girls Hairstyles and websites like it help out immensely. This website has many very cute hairstyles. This is one of my favorites though. Fast, easy, and fit for a princess, just how my toddler likes it.

All you need for this is some styling gel, pomade, or other such to keep the strands uniform, two ponytails, two clips, and the knowledge of how to tie a basic knot. For more detailed instructions, and a video check out the source link.

Some suggestions for alternatives to the high pony:
-Try a low ponytail- it isn't so sporty, it's a little more laid back and could make for an interesting take on this style.
-Try pigtails. If you (or your little girl) has lots of hair, or it's exceptionally thick or textured high ponytails can make you or her look like cocker spaniels. However this style should be able to help contain that mass and allow you to have cute high ponytails.

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Wrapped High Ponytail Source: www.cutegirlshairstyles.com Wrapped High Ponytail