Bohemian Jersey Knit Bracelet


Finger knitting, it is one of the easiest and most accessible forms of knitting or crocheting. All you need are your own fingers, and some medium for weaving.

Jersey fabric is easy to find, and one of the most versatile fabrics in existence today. Everyone loves repurposing tees these days, from minor modifications to changing a tee into a dress. This project is fun as it can be used from some of those scraps from repurposing t-shirts, or can be used for the shirt that just no longer works for you.

In this tutorial from V and Co. we see three different bracelets that can be made from scraps of jersey and your fingers. You can use two, three,. or four fingers to create your new bracelet, depending on the thickness you want.

For more fun, maybe try tye dying your scrap cloth before you cut it into strips. Or go for the fun bohemian colors as pictured. This project is fun, and can also be unisex in nature. Great for a fast, easy, Christmas present.

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