Ombre Heart Tote


This super easy idea for and ombre bag is also quite versatile. Don't like totes? This would make a very cute Valentines card, or on a paper bag for a class project prior to handing out Valentines. All you need for this project is some fabric paint (or any other paint should you choose a different medium), a pencil with an eraser, and a heart cutout.

We found this project at Cumsy Crafter and love how simple it is. It's fast, easy, and looks amazing. Using the same idea you can use other shapes to make other themed projects. They are fast, easy and fun to do.

One tip? Try layering two or three different colors of dots together for even more fun. Team colors, favorite colors, contrasting. You make the call. One we think would be cute is a star on a black background with silvers, and golds for the dots.

As always we would love to see any of your projects, especially if you try something new or different.

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