Finger Knitted Rainbow Scarf


To remind you that there's always a silver lining and always a rainbow when the sun finally comes out, we have this warm cozy scarf that is fast and easy, but will look like it took you forever to do. Not a fan of rainbows? No problem, this scarf doesn't need to be so bright and cheery, it is up to you.

We found this awesome scarf over at Rookie, and love how easy it is to make. All you need is yarn, your fingers, scissors, and some time to make this gorgeous scarf. Wrap the yarn around your fingers, pull and repeat until its your desired length.

As we said before, if you don't like the rainbow color scheme, no worries. Try a team scarf or an ombre scarf, or any other color combination you want. Tassels can replace the pom poms if you want as well.

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Finger Knitted Rainbow Scarf Source: Finger Knitted Rainbow Scarf