Make Your Own Snow Globe Ornament


Free floating designs are getting very popular. Origami Owl's version of a charm necklace, free floating charms in a clear pendant has been replicated far and wide. This cute little ornament idea is a take on that theme, a little bit of snow, a sprig of berries and evergreen, and a word like "Snow" to top off the combination.

We found this awesome idea over at Downtime. Upcycle. but, we feel like it could be improved upon. Give each family on your Christmas list a family name ornament. Personalize your ornaments for children with their favorite color glitter, and a favorite fake flower.

Your only limitation is what you can fit through the hole on top and your own imagination. To make sure your ornament's fake snow or glitter doesn't fall out all over everything, make sure to glue the top on tight, especially before giving it to kids.

As always, let us know how you made your own snow globe ornament. We would love to hear from you and see pictures of your projects.

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