Soda Bottle Cherry Blossoms


We drink a lot of soda in this house. Probably more than we should. This beautiful art project would be perfect for us and our little one. Take your old soda bottles and make cherry blossoms artwork. Just a stark white background, black (or dark grey or brown) paint, one brush, pink paint and an old soda bottle are all you need to make this beautiful print we found at Alpha Mom.

Feel like experimenting? There are different sized soda bottles, and do Coke bottles stamp differently than Pepsi? Old water bottles also have unique bottoms, not necessarily cherry blossoms, but similar. Try a soft spring green background instead of white, or for a baby boy make your blossoms baby blue. This project is yours to own and reminds us that Spring is ahead if we just wait out the winter.

As always we'd love to see what you come up with. Let us know!

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Soda Bottle Cherry Blossoms Source: Soda Bottle Cherry Blossoms