Super Fast Easy Button Bookmarks


Buttons and paperclips, two things that are cheap, easy to replace, and come in all sorts of fun colors, prints, and designs. Put them together and what do you get?

The fastest, easiest, and easiest to replace bookmark, and when you have kids, that means the world!

All you need is glue, felt, a few paperclips and a few buttons and you are done, it is really that short and sweet. We found this sweet idea at I Heart Naptime (by the way, so do we! Naptime is the best time.), and the best part about it is the kids can make their own bookmarks with some help from you. They cost less than the expensive bookmarks you buy at a book store, are easier on the page, more durable (I don't know about you but I was super rough on my bookmarks. They always peeled at the edges within a month or two) and if you lose them, you are out on average 50 cents or less.

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