Fun Tricycle Diaper Cake


This cute tricycle diaper cake is sure to be a hit at any baby shower! It's cute, it's functional, and it's customization for a boy, girl, or neutral color choice.

What you'll need:
-One box of size 1 diapers- at least 60 if you have more they can be added as gifts on the side.
-Two receiving blankets
-Two bibs
-One bottle
-one pair of baby socks, preferably with colored toes and bands
-Lots of rubber bands
-String or yarn
-Double sided tape
-A cake pan for creating the wheels

For more detailed instructions check the original post over at Maiden D'Shade. She does a wonderful job explaining each step and photographing it. I can't wait until someone I know is pregnant so I can try this cake out on them! Keep in mind if you get extras (such as diapers, socks, etc.) they can be wrapped up as extra presents on top of the cake for the expectant mom to open in her own leisure.

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Fun Tricycle Diaper Cake Source: Fun Tricycle Diaper Cake