Coffee Bean Coaster


Love Coffee? Have any old coffee beans and CDs/DVDs that no longer work? This nifty coaster idea may just be perfect for you. It reuses the CD that you didn't need anyways (old AOL disks anyone?) while creating a unique coaster that none of your friends have.

What you will need:

Coffee beans- this is the perfect project for old coffee beans that have lost their flavor.
CDs- Old scratched CDs, DVDs that don't have any other use but to take up space.

It's pretty self explanatory. Glue the beans to the CD. If the CD has data you don't want to risk anyone to get a hold of ever (like an old back up CD) you may want to glue the beans to the data side. Let dry. Use as a coaster.

When you use your new coaster with hot drinks your coaster may even double as an air freshener.

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Coffee Bean Coaster Coffee Bean Coaster