Chained Triangles Leather Bracelet


This bracelet is amazingly easy and very deceptive. One look at it and you wouldn't know it was so easy to make, especially with the right finishing touches to the edges.

-Using the template below, cut out one B and one C with a bunch of A's. The more you have the better as you won't have to go back and cut more out later.
-Use an ice pick to punch a hole through each of the a pieces before you start creating the bracelet to save yourself a lot of time trying to poke holes with your needle later.
-Place the B and C pieces, rough edges together. Slip an A piece into the triangle, with the good side facing the top of the triangle made by B and C.
- Fold the A piece in half, slip another A piece in between it's triangles.
-Continue until your chain is long enough to wrap comfortably around your wrist. Keep in mind you don't want it too snug as the beads will add a little bit of bulk to your end result.
-Using a matching thread and large beads, run the thread through the bead, then the hole you punched with your ice pick, then another bead, then another hole until you reach the second to last triangle. Tie off leaving the last triangle for closure.
-Sew or glue the edges together at the last A piece. Sew or glue small velcro pieces onto your B and C pieces, so they can fasten around your last triangle.

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Chained Triangles Leather Bracelet Source: Chained Triangles Leather Bracelet