Price is Right Baby Shower


Baby showers can be tough to plan. There are plenty of games to play, but some are awkward, some are embarrassing and some are just outdated. This Price is Right style baby shower is one we think is new and different.

The best part of this game, is that the hosts can buy these as gifts for mom. She'll need them, and it makes it easier for the group to guess the prices more accurately. After all, Luvs, store brand, Huggies, and Pampers can all be differently priced, not to mention each different brand has 3-5 different sizes.

So the next time you are throwing a baby shower, collect some baby gear and play a price is right game. Use the pre-made cards from Frugal Fanatic, or create your own. The choice is yours

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Price is Right Baby Shower Source: Price is Right Baby Shower