31 Amazing T-Shirt DIYs For Summer


Re-purposing old and unused t-shirts into new and different shirts has been a popular pastime for a while now. It's cute, practical, and it recycles something that may not be so great into something one of a kind and unique.

Over at Buzzfeed we found this awesome collection of 31 t-shirts that have been re-purposed and made into awesome new shirts. Our favorite lattice tee from Wobisobi made the list as did 30 other unique and stylish shirt updates.

There are varying degrees of modesty and style, from completely torn to shreds to slightly altered, or turned into a tank. Every girl can look through this collection and find at least one shirt that she could fall in love with.

Which shirt is your favorite? Do you have any that didn't make the list? We'd love to feature any and all tutorials that aren't on this list on our own list of re-purposed tees.

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31 Amazing T-Shirt DIYs For Summer Source: www.buzzfeed.com 31 Amazing T-Shirt DIYs For Summer